Which is the Best Method of Calibration for Refrigerator Thermometer?

Published: 22nd November 2011
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A refrigerator thermometer is referred to as the reliable tool of the kitchen appliance which is primarily used for assessing the precise temperature within the fridge or freezer. Why it is mandatory to have this thermometer within your kitchen accessory list? It is mainly because it helps you in knowing the ideal temperature of the food storage that is need to be kept inside the refrigerator.
The ideal food temperature required inside the refrigerator is normally found to be 37-degrees F. If the temperature increases from the prescribed degree say like to 40 degree Celsius then there may be chances of food deterioration. So, in order to keep the close track of the temperature the usage of thermometer is must to adjust the fridge thermostat accordingly.

In order to have the proper adjustment of the thermostat of the fridge it is important that your thermometer should be calibrated properly. For that you may use two methods that is boiling point and freezing point. The boiling point method is used at an elevation of 1000-feet or less above sea level.

For using this boiling method you need to merely place the probe of the thermometer inside the container of the boiling water and wait for 30 seconds till it gives you the indicative temperature reading of 100-degrees C or 212-degrees F. If it fails to provide the same temperature reading you may then move forward to second method of calibration that is freezing point method.

To carry out this method you have to take a container filled with crushed ice with some water. Now place the probe of the thermometer into the container and wait for 30 seconds to get the indicative temperature ranging from 0 degrees C or 32-degrees F. If the thermometer provides you with this reading then it is termed to be a properly calibrated thermometer.

In case you still face problem after doing these calibrations then you may need to replace your thermometer with the new one. Presently we get refrigerator models with in-built thermometer which helps you in assessing the prevalent temperature required for proper food storage. Thus, you may get your thermometer replaced from the company simply by giving the model specifications of the refrigerator.
However, if you really want to avoid these problems of calibrations then it is advised that you should make an adequate usage of the refrigerator in more reliable terms like:

It is advised that whenever you are buying the refrigerator make sure you take into consideration the automatic moisture control feature. All those models developed with this particular feature ensure in preventing the moisture accumulation over the cabinet of the fridge, thus leading to extended lifeline.
Make sure to keep your refrigerator at optimum levels of temperature ranging from 37 to 40F for the food container and up to 5 degree Fahrenheit for the freezer section. In case you have huge commercial freezers then the temperature must be kept at zero degrees Fahrenheit.
Always make sure that you assess the precise temperature of the fridge by merely placing the thermometer in a glass of water within the center place of the refrigerator only after 24 hours. And check the freezer temperature by keeping the thermometer between the frozen packages after 24 hours.
Last but not the least, Get your fridge de-frosts at regular intervals to avoid the choking of gas compressor. Furthermore keep a regular check over the closing door of the fridge to avoid the seepage of cold air to the outside atmosphere.

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